Introducing Prowess Image by VChic

We, Prowess Image by VChic, are an Image Consulting Institute. We help you be the best version of yourself by helping you develop a noteworthy personality. We also offer courses that will make you a confident and successful Image Consultant. If you are wondering how we started, here is our journey :

Our inception

Our parent company, VChic came into being with Image Consulting services in 2018. During the pandemic, we realised that the youth needed help to build a persona that will lead them towards a better future. This realisation gave birth to Prowess Image by VChic.

We have come a long way, and today we have expanded to offer our services to Individuals, Institutions, Enterprises, and Communities pan India. Our focus is to enhance your personality, social intelligence, and personal & professional image through training, certifications, workshops, and seminars.


Our Vision

“‘Be the true You” is a relatable vision VChic has that we all can relate to. Our goal is to transform the lives of students by creating new career pathways while also helping them get ready for the world.

To accelerate the careers of our future leaders, we at Prowess Image by VChic give them a platform to explore their hidden potential and shape their personalities and make a constructive impact on the lives of our students.


Our Mission

Helping students garner positive lifestyle changes to achieve their life goals, be it as an Individual, a Professional, or an Image Consultant.


Meet the team

To transform the lives of students by making them future-ready, we have a team of savvy professionals and trainers who have over two decades of experience. Tools like PowerPoint presentations, lectures, videos, role plays, interactive games, and more are the techniques adopted by these professionals to train you to be your best version.

Founder & Chairperson

Varsha Chaturvedi

Over 5+ Years of Experience in Business Management


Internationally Certified Image Consultant, Master Trainer, Eyewear Stylist, Master Etiquette Trainer and Certified Makeup Master.


Awarded Ms.Societal Grace Award in 2020, Delhi City Icon Award 2020 and has been Nominated in Top 10 Image Consultants by Women Entrepreneur Magazine

Co-Founder & Director

Amiit Chaturvedi

Over 22+ Years of Experience in IT, Business Development & Corporate Affairs.


Internationally Certified Image Consultant, Master Trainer, Celebrity Communications Skill Trainer


Awarded Delhi City Icon Award 2020, Best Image Consultancy Award 2021, Rashtra Ratan Award 2021, Versatile Achievers Award 2021, “Life Journey” featured Navdrishti Times 2022, Best CEO & President in Image Consultancy Services at SMEBIZZ CEO STAR Awards 2022.


Member of AICI since 2018, Tajurba Group since 2019, Pragati Club since 2019, SMEBIZZ Entrepreneur since 2021

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Usha Yanamandra

Over 22+Years of Experience in Business Operations, Training & Development


Internationally Certified Image Consultant, Author, Certified Career Mentor, Positive Psychologist, British Council Certified English Language Trainer, Celebrity Communications Skill Trainer, Six Sigma Black Belt Professional & NLP Practitioner


Awarded Women Achievers Award by MSME in 2020, Nominated for TOP 10 Career Mentoring and Image Consulting Services by Silicon India in 2020


Member of AICI, Indian Women’s History Museum, Society of Cyberabad Security Council for Women Safety and Cyber Security