Our Clients

We provide image consulting services to everyone who wants to excel in their line of work and command executive presence. There were misconceptions that image consultants simply teach you how to dress – but that was before. We provide image consultancy not only to sports stars, celebrities, or corporation executives but also to anyone that comes to us for guidance. Our clientele is segregated into 4 groups – Institutions, Enterprises, Communities, and Individuals.

Initiatives For Schools

A-B-C FRAMEWORK - Etiquette Programs
Career Mentoring Programs (grade 7 and above)
CPD Certification Program (grades 11 and 12)

Initiatives For colleges

We have a 6-point success formula in place for college students.

Appearance - Style, Color, Wardrobe, Accessories, Hair & Makeup
Behaviour - Professional-Business-Social-Dining Etiquette & Protocols
Communication- Effective, verbal and non-verbal Communication Skills
Digital Presence - AI & Robotics, Online Business, Social Media, Digital Marketing
Employability Skills - Career Specific Training, CPD Courses, Placement Drives
Futuristic Career Planning - Career Mentoring, Overseas Consulting, Internships

The programs we offer to college students are:

  • NSIM Certification Programs
  • CPD Certificate Programs
  • Campus Recruitment Programs
  • Career Readiness Programs
  • Overseas Consulting
  • Placement Assistance
  • International Study Tours with NASA and UN

Initiatives For Enterprises

For enterprises to function effortlessly, image consulting is important. each team member’s brand, alignment to work and company goals, and providing powerful tools and guidelines for behaving appropriately in every situation will be provided by a professional and¬†experienced consultant. Our key focus is to provide you and your staff with powerful skills related to Personal Branding, Corporate Image, Etiquette, Communication, and Professionalism at the workplace.

Benefits of image consulting for your office:

  • A consistent and focused approach
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve sales success
  • Develop a powerful personal brand in-line with your organisation
  • Leverage executive presence and credibility
  • Find workable solutions for day-to-day interactions
  • Create a professional standard that represents your company

Our team of experts offers a tailor-made solution to solve you/and your staff’s Corporate Image, Etiquette, and Personal Brand challenges. Here are some of the courses that your employees will benefit from:

  • A-B-C Workshops
  • Corporate Training
  • Group Image Consulting Programs

Initiatives For Community

For a community to grow together and for every member to lead an empowered successful lives, we have multiple initiatives and programs for the community as a whole. It will help people become the best version of themselves. :

  • Women Empowerment Programs.
  • Rural Youth Employment Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Workshops For Physically Challenged

Manika Foundation:

Manika Foundation, a part of Prowess Image by VChic, strongly believes in giving back to the community. Through Manika Foundation, we seek to empower the community. We hope to have a positive societal impact and contribute to changes in society. We hope to build a community that will help others head towards a better future.

Initiatives For Individuals

Powering your image and being the best version of yourself is what we as individuals strive for. We at Prowess Image by VChic want to enable you to become the person you envision to be. Here are the initiatives that we have for individuals:

  • A-B-C Workshops
  • Personal / Group Image Consulting
  • CPD Certification Courses
  • International Image Management Certification