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Our Workshops & Seminars


Workshops and seminars are conducted throughout the year by us. Students are encouraged to participate in these to not only enhance but also to improve their skills and personality.

Our Workshop Programs

Make-up is a vital part of our lifestyle. It boosts your confidence and helps you stand out. It also helps you blend with your surroundings. Our seminars will help you understand and learn the techniques as per face shapes in choosing the perfect makeup according to the occasion and create the best version of you.

Colours make a big difference, they represent your personality! Your favourite colours won’t always give you a look that a particular occasion needs or make you look great in it. Picking appropriate colours for each event solely on basis of personal bias may make you seem repetitive. Colours play a major role in defining your personality. Our team at Prowess Image will guide you to find the perfect set of colours that will make you stand out.

Fashion is not just about going with the trend. It is about styling yourself with the right kind of clothes, make-up, accessories, etc. An understanding of what will suit you is necessary as it makes you look more presentable. Our experts will help you identify your body shape and recommend the type of clothes with the right mix of accessories that will highlight you.

In this competitive world, your style and way of presenting yourself should leave a lasting impression. Your signature style is something that makes you unique from others. Through our seminars and sessions, we will help you connect with yourself and let you bring out that unique style which separates you from the rest.

Choosing your things at times is a big challenge. More so if you have to do it while staying within a budget. Knowing how to get the best out of it is important. Our experts will help you design your closet with the right mix suiting your profession, age, body, etc ensuring that are in sync with your lifestyle & personality and are within the budget.

No one likes to see a cluttered or monotonous wardrobe. If you have one, then it’s impossible to dress for any occasion. Through our seminar sessions, you will get to know the three golden rules of wardrobe planning – Clean, alter or charity, and replace your wardrobe. With this, we also guide you to organize your clothes.

Your body language communicates just as much as spoken language. It’s about how you carry yourself with poise, elegance, and panache. Prowess Image seminars help you present and carry yourself better, thus making you create a great first impression.

Dining etiquettes play a major role in making the first impression in any business dinner. Our seminars give a detailed understanding of dining etiquette and protocols that help you to be more presentable and confident.